Propane for Agriculture


Propane delivers significant savings over other fuels, while enabling you to significantly lower emissions—right now. Whether it’s propane-powered ag engines, crop dryers or weed burners, we understand your needs and guarantee hassle-free service and competitive pricing.

Propane is a smart, environmentally-friendly and money-saving fuel for the farm with many uses. Farm, ranch and other agricultural customers rely on Dassel’s for the following propane applications:

  • Green leaf weed control for organic and conventional vegetable row crops
  • Pre-emergence and post-emergence weed control
  • Reduced use of chemical herbicides
  • Crop flaming to control weeds (endorsed by the U.C. Cooperative Extension)
    • Flaming components easily adapted to your equipment
  • Trap wagons
  • Propane nurse tanks available
  • Technical service provided with initial set up

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Using propane on the farm…

On the farm, propane can be up to 50% less expensive than other options. Agricultural propane is the choice of nearly 900,000 farms across America. Plus, propane is a truly American fuel source that reduces a farm’s carbon footprint.

Brochure Downloads

Propane Farm Incentive Program (PDF)
Learn how propane can cut fuel costs on the farm and earn farmers a financial incentive up to $5,000.

Nebraska Farmer Increases Irrigating Hours, Reduces Fuel Costs with Propane Irrigation Case Study (PDF)
Learn why Wayne Brinkmeyer chose clean and cost-effective propane-powered irrigation engines for his 1,600-acre operation.

Propane Dryer Yields Great Grain for Indiana Producer Case Study (PDF)
An Indiana farm improved its productivity by 20 percent with a new propane-fueled grain dryer.

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